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BT Conference Call Review

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BT offer one of the longest standing conference call services, however it’s not as easy as some of the alternatives to get up and running.


As well as the standard features you would expect from an established conference call service, BT do offer some additional support including

- Online billing
- Dedicated account manager
- Live support on any in progress conference call

In order to access the systems it is necessary to complete a signup process which includes entering a credit card, rather than the low barrier approaches taken by most other companies


In a BT conference, each participant is issued their own PIN which goes someway towards preventing call-bombing. online billing (with a 24 hour delay) also allows the organiser to keep close track of the call costs.


One area that the BT service falls short in is the price. In addition to each participant paying the cost of their own call, the organiser is also charged a bridging fee. This bridging fee is typically around 3p – 4p per minute, per participant, which can mount up pretty quickly.

Additional functionality which is offered for free by other companies is typically charged for as well – for example calls can be recorded at an extra cost, and WebEx conferencing is also available if you are happy to pay for it


As mentioned previously, where BT really do stand out is with the support offered. Dedicated account managers make communication very easy, and support is always available. If you are used to the service offered by some of the free companies this support can feel restrictive however – in particular during the signup.


Whilst BT deliver everything needed (and more) from a conference call service, their approach and subsequent cost is aimed far more at the large corporate clients who are willing to pay. For us it’s just too expensive!

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