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Conference Genie Review £free

Conference Genie Review

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Focusing on conference calling, Conference Genie offer a wide range of features with a very easy setup process. This Conference Genie review will hopefully go some way to helping you understand what they have to offer.


Conference Genie has 3 different packages, Go, Plus and Pro. Go is very simple and on entering an email address provides you with a dial in number and PIN, and options to send an invite to other attendees. The Plus and Pro options offer the same simple conference calls however with a number of added features including:

- See who is on your call live from the user control panel
- Dial Out to participants with the organiser paying the cost of the call
- Meeting scheduler however this appears to be powered by a third party solution and doesn’t feel integrated with the rest of the site
- Monthly statements on calls made


Whilst the Go plan is still susceptible to ‘call-bombing’, both the Plus and Pro plans offer a more secure call with the organiser being able to view the participants active on the current conference call. If using any of the separately billed functionality such as dial out, monthly statements are sent through to keep track of any unauthorised activity.


Both Go and Plus plans are pay as you go, with the individual participant paying for the cost of the call unless the organiser has chosen otherwise. Unless using the additional features such as dial out, it doesn’t appear that there is any need for a credit card or billing agreement. Pro plans are tailored to the needs of the individual business and as such look to offer bespoke pricing.
A maximum of 25 users is possible on each call however it is possible to pay for additional products which allow this number to be increased.


Dial out offers a different way to involve callers on the conference, and could also significantly reduce the costs of joining calls from overseas, particularly when travelling.


One of the best conference call services on the market and whilst the control panel does look a little dated, it offers pretty much everything you need and more.


  1. The service is great when it works, but I have had a couple of bad experiences with their telephone number not working. Have also used Pow Wow Now and Minglur, all are pretty similar but Minglur give you points for each call which is a nice touch if you use them enough.

  2. Great review of conference genie, thanks. Ive only recently signed up with them but it looks good so far, the call was clear and it was easy to setup. I used them because they were recommended although I plan to try out Minglur as well just because of their reward points scheme.

  3. sometimes love this service, sometimes hate it. really should change to one of the others, its just not consistently good

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