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GoToMeeting Review £29 p/m

GoToMeeting Review

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GoToMeeting is one of the largest web conferencing companies around and despite this being their core offering, they also do plain conference calls pretty well. This GoToMeeting review will give you an insight into their product to help you make the right decision.


GoToMeeting is packed full of features however most of these are geared towards full blown web conferencing with everything from screen sharing to full HD video conferencing. Conference calling is available as part of all of these scenarios and whilst it can be used on it’s own, the setup process did appear a bit cumbersome.


Security is very good with all participants having their own PIN, and the organiser able to assign audio control pins to those who require them. A granular permission system allows the admin to control the call very well. The users on the conference are displayed in the call for all to see which prevents any unwanted callers, another must-have feature of any modern conference service.


Plans are based on the number of organiser logins required and start from around £29 per month or £276 per year when we last checked. There is no free or pay as you go option, and whilst users at a computer or mobile device can connect to a conference for free using their speakers and mic, other attendees will need to pay for their telephone calls.

A maximum of 25 users is possible on each call however it is possible to pay for additional products which allow this number to be increased.


Being able to join a call for free using a computer or mobile device is a real plus.


Whilst it is possible to just use the service for simple conference calls, we couldn’t find a way to set them up which didn’t require scheduling a full conference and really the feature set is not quite aligned with your average conference call provider. If you are looking for web based conferencing though, they are hard to beat.


  1. Ive been using conference call services for a long time now so Ive been through them all, GoToMeeting really does have the best features, if you use them all then its worth paying the monthly fee. If all you need is a basic audio service then you cant go wrong with Minglur or Conference Genie. Minglur give you reward points as well which is a nice touch – i wish GoToMeeting would do that, id have loads of freebies by now.

  2. great set of features, does everything we need it to, the others just don’t compare!

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