Which conference call service should you choose?

How to Pick the Best Conference Call Service

How to Pick the Best Conference Call Service

There are a number of common elements that make a conference call service ‘the best’. When choosing the best conference call service, look for a hassle-free registration process and a quick set-up that allows for quick and easy access. The best conferencing services also feature no hidden fees or monthly charges. A free conference call service should also include useful tools that help you organise successful meetings. These features generally include basic moderator tools and 24-hour technical support. The following are some key features that you should look for when picking the best possible free conferencing service.

Fast and Easy Set-up

The best free conference calling services require no additional equipment. These services use your existing telephone, computer or mobile device. To access the conferencing service, the best providers offer quick and simple online registration. When choosing a free conferencing service, look for a straight-forward registration and set-up process that requires a basic level of information and no billing details. The best conference call services typically require only your email address and name when registering. An access code is then provided for use by meeting participants when calling the service provider’s conference number.

No Fees or Payments

A free conference call service should not cost users more than any applicable local or international calling charges. Certain free services are offered for a limited time as part of a trial. The best conference call service providers offer their no-charge conferencing service for an unlimited time. You might use the service once or for hundreds of calls in a year, but you will never be charged for the service. If billing information is requested during the registration process, this may indicate that the free conference call service is being offered for a limited time. It might also indicate that the provider may charge for certain aspects of the ‘free’ service. Certain conference call providers may set limits or caps and charge users for exceeding monthly allowances for duration or participants. The best conference call services offer unlimited allowances for call duration and meeting participants, although allowances and caps are generally high enough to not affect most users.

Reliable Technical and Customer Support

The best conference call service providers offer readily available support to their customers, regardless of whether they pay for their service or subscribe to a free conferencing option. Top free conference call service options generally include access to 24-hour technical and customer support. Conference calls are organised at any time, especially when accommodating participants in other parts of the work or for urgent issues. Technical support is essential to ensure a conference call runs smoothly without any interruptions. It is also a key tool to have in order to address any problems quickly. High-quality free conferencing call services offer technical and customer support by telephone and email. Some services may also include live chat or real-time technical support for assistance during the conference call.

Convenient Conferencing Tools and Features

Conference call services include a variety of tools to help organise and run a meeting. These tools can be as basic as using your telephone’s keypad to moderate and facilitate the meeting to more advanced features such as file sharing to edit a common document. Most free conferencing services also allow meeting organisers to access a recording of the meeting. This digital recording offers an accurate and unbiased account of the meeting, including decisions and action items. Other common features include scheduling tools, desktop sharing, instant messaging and polling tools. More advanced features such as desktop and file sharing, messaging and polling are often included in a downloadable application for use with a mobile device or computer.

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