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Minglur Review £Free

Minglur Review

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One of the only free conference call services to offer a full feature set by default without the need for paying for a premium service. They also run a reward scheme that offers some nice gifts. Minglur looks to be focusing less on the corporate and more on the consumer.


Users are able to signup by simply entering an email address, and there are no packages to choose from. Every user has access to every function which includes:

  • ‘Open PINs’ – simple multi use PIN numbers which users can use to dial in and create a call
  • Call scheduling
  • Live call dashboard
  • Call agendas
  • Customer Loyalty scheme

Other features that are commonly seen as added extras with other services are also offered free, such as call recording, realtime call reports and the ability to host an unlimited number of users on a single conference


The ability to host a secure call is placed very much in the hands of the user. On an open call where a PIN is shared among participants (the types of calls that have typically been more prone to call bombing) the admin is able to view a live dashboard displaying who is currently dialled into the call. Where a call is scheduled each participant receives their own unique PIN – valid only for that call – which further impairs the ability of anyone attempting to listen in.

Further security customisations are available such as specifying whether users can see other users on a call, or even if the agenda should be visible to users other than the admin.


Pricing is along the lines of most free conference services with no contract, no monthly fee, and each user simply paying the cost of the call which is a low local call rate 0844 number. There are no additional service charges. Every user also accumulates points when hosting calls which can then be redeemed against a wide array of gifts and experiences so in real terms the costs are even lower.


Minglur’s loyalty rewards have been mentioned a couple of times previously however definitely warrant a closer look. Every time a user hosts a call they receive points for every minute each participant that is on that call – a nice touch however possibly not that exciting for the occasional user. The real opportunity arises with the customer referral scheme where if you refer another user you will BOTH earn points for the duration of the new users calls. If you refer a few colleagues or friends, or share on Facebook / Twitter you could quite easily build up enough points to bag yourself some decent free gifts – although you’d need to work pretty hard to earn enough to get the Mini Cooper they mention on the site!


With all the features you would expect from a paid for service and an incredibly generous loyalty and referral scheme, it’s hard to find a reason not to use Minglur


  1. Ive used lots of conference call services over the years and to be honest most are pretty much the same, there are quite a few free services out there but Minglur gets my vote for the fact that they give me reward points to grab a free iPad. Not had any issues with the service either.

  2. Only used minglur once for a free conference call but it all seems to be working as I expect. It is very easy to sign up and understand how it works, unlike ones ive used in the past.

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