Which conference call service should you choose?

Minglur Vs GotoMeeting

Minglur Vs GotoMeeting

One of the more difficult comparisons as the 2 services are really very different. Minglur offers a free conference call service with no strings, and does this very well. GotoMeeting on the other hand is a more premium product (with a more premium price tag) and comes with many more bells and whistles.

Whilst Minglur just wins it based purely on the star ratings, it really is a case of picking the best one for your needs. If you want free conference calls then Minglur is ideal however if you want to add video, screen sharing and a host of other features – and don’t mind paying for it – then Goto meeting is definitely the one for you.

  Minglur GotoMeeting Winner
Features 5/5 5/5 draw
Security 5/5 5/5 draw
Price 5/5 3/5 Minglur
Extras 4/5 5/5 GoToMeeting
Overall 19/20 18/20 Minglur
  Overall Winner Minglur



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