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PowWowNow Review

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As one of the leading free conference call providers, PowWowNow offer a well rounded service which is easy to use. Read our PowWowNow review for all the info you need.


There are 3 different packages, standard, plus and premium. Premium is aimed at large corporate clients and offers a bespoke service, with bespoke pricing. Both standard and plus packages have a similar feature set, with conference participants all dialling in and entering a pre-shared PIN number.

The Plus package also offers the option to buy freephone or local rate numbers for use with the service instead of the default 0844 number. If these numbers are used the call organiser is charged for the call costs and need to have their account topped up with a credit card. all packages offer web conferencing.


With all participants sharing the same PIN, Pow Wow Now is susceptible to call-bombing – caller are announced however it is possible for unwanted participants to remain undetected on the call.

The plus package and above offer realtime reporting on calls in order to keep track of spending.


Basic usage for Pow Wow Now is pay as you go, with the person dialling in paying the cost of the call as with most other free conference call services. If using the plus package, all additional low cost or freephone numbers are billed at a MINIMUM of 4.3p per minute to the organiser. The exact cot varies dependant on the country the call originates from and if outside of the UK this cost will be more.


Web conferencing is provided free with all levels of access, providing a neat way to share information if you are all sitting at a computer. Further additional services such as support for up to 1000 participants are available and are priced individually


If you are looking for a straightforward conference call then Pow Wow Now has almost everything needed to get started, however the lack of personalised PIN numbers does make security less than ideal

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  1. Ive used Pow Wow Now a few times and seems pretty good, although they did have a problem with the dial in number on one occasion, despite that im pretty happy with their service and its free

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