Which conference call service should you choose?

PowWowNow Vs BT Conference Call

PowWowNow Vs BT Conference Call

BT (as you might imagine) were one of the first players in the conference call space, and set the standard for all who came after. The problem is that it doesn’t feel like they have changed a great deal since then.

PowWowNow on the other hand offer a great free service, with the option to pay for additional features rather than the expensive BT offering which sits right at the other end of the scale. Whilst corporates may feel more at home with the robust perception and security of BT, we much prefer the more cost effective and up to date service offered by PowWowNow.

  PowWowNow BT Winner
Features 4/5 4/5 draw
Security 4/5 5/5 BT
Price 5/5 2/5 PowWowNow
Extras 3/5 4/5 BT
Overall 16/20 15/20 PowWowNow
  Overall Winner PowWowNow

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